Sep 30 2012

#408 “Wolf Wine”

From Drew

Perhaps one of the most unique pieces of artwork to grace this website is this fantastically creative portrait by Drew who designed this image as a wine label for a friend’s birthday. Cheers, Drew! I’ll raise a glass to this revelrous wolf any day!

Sep 23 2012

#407 “Wolf Smile”

From Chaim

Fact: Wolf-like dogs (such as the Samoyed or Husky) will, when content and happy, often hold their ears in a horizontal position but still forward.
This has been referred to as the “wolf smile.”

Sep 16 2012

#406 “The Wolf-King”

From Chloe

Something about this illustration by Chloe struck me as slightly poignant and bittersweet and reminded me of a poem that I recently found online. Thanks for the wonderful artwork, Chloe. I hope you find this poem to be a fitting compliment to your vision of this noble creature.

“The Wolf-King’s Lament”

by Francisco de Borja Roca – 1999

An old, grey-maned King am I,
Barking my gruff orders under Orion’s sky
And, beneath my throne of dew and stone
My people, all sinew and bone,
Flashing fangs and eyes of smold’ring coals,
Haunched on brawny hinds they do attend me.

Ah, my soul is gnarled, like gnarled the tree
I nightly choose for blessed sleep;
Aye, the Hunt has tired me-
‘Tis only Time’s matter
Till a brash whelp’s challenge
Brings me ‘neath the turf of my shady fief.

Yet I was strong once, if still it matters;
Aye, my quarters taut, my shadow lean and gaunt
Yet brimm’d with power- unlike now, so much more tame,
My ribs a bony rigging
For my ragged scar-creased frame.

They have called me Heather-Sceptered, Oak-Garbed,
Star-Crowned Ruler of the Hunt.

Yet look ye now… where is this night-caped regnant?
Nothing but a weak, starving bag
Holding the bones of former days am I,
Howling former glories to the Moon and stars-
At times I think the Moon howls back,
The white-skinned, tight-snouted bitch all mock’ry and jest
Upon my old age, as I curl upon my back for wanted rest
Under the shade of my gnarled oak-tree.

The time is come- can you not hear the howling?

The Hunt is called again…

this time without me.

Sep 9 2012

#405 “A look back”

 From Victoria Witt in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Many people over the past several weeks have noticed the fact that WBS has accepted the artwork of Victoria Witt as the official face of the WBS collection. Well, just recently the budding artist contacted me to share a portfolio that offers a glimpse of her growth throughout the past several years. The illustration above is just a small representation. To see more of Victoria’s timeline of artwork, click here.

Sep 2 2012

#404 “Manchester”

From a stranger in Manchester, England

Great story. The letter says it all. Thanks, stranger!