Aug 26 2012

#403 “A Near Miss”

From a stranger in Harrogate, Tennessee

Not long ago I decided to scale back the daily postings of WBS artwork and transition into a system of displaying a piece once a week (every Sunday) with perhaps a few surprise posts on weekdays in between. I’m proud to say that I have faithfully adhered to this model, but today tragedy almost struck. I don’t intend to make excuses, but I simply became so busy with a set of new responsibilities I have recently taken on that I neglected to post an illustration up until the evening hours. And then when I did come to my senses and remember that countless lupine art lovers are depending on me to post at least one illustration a week, I realized that I had left my entire collection at my place of employment over the weekend. To make matters worse, I have practically exhausted my stockpile of emailed contributions, leaving my inbox as barren as Cindy Loo Who’s house on Christmas Eve. I began scrounging furiously around my home in hopes that one single illustration had slipped through the cracks. Tables were overturned, drawers were rooted through, furniture was rearranged. I looked everywhere. And finally, by the grace of God, I came across a lonesome envelope in a random assortment of papers. And there on the envelope. So, without further ado, I have to offer a special thanks to A. Stranger from Harrogate, Tennessee. Congratulations, stranger. You’ve saved the day…

Aug 19 2012

#402 “Show & Tell”

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Like most adjectives, the word “new” is completely relative. Something is only “new” in comparison to something that is “old.” As you may have noticed, over the past several months, I have displayed many works from the talented Hannah. When I first received an email from the young artist that contained a whopping total of 14 attachments, I got the feeling like she didn’t view her work as being relevant since much of it had been drawn/painted several years ago. In Hannah’s eyes, her artwork seemed like old news, but to me… well… it was as if I had opened a treasure chest of artistic wonder. Each piece that met my eyes was totally original. Each was an individual what I was taking in for the very first time. These works had been stored away for years, but to me they were as fresh and new as if the paint was still wet. So… while the date on this stunning lupine portrait might read 2007, for those of us who are seeing it for the first time, it’s a striking new spectacle of artistic beauty, the likes of which we have never seen until this very moment.

Aug 18 2012

#401 “Forgotten Gem”

From Sam

While searching through some of the WBS archives, I realized that I neglected to post this early contribution from Sam that I received all the way back on April 11, 2011. That’s right, this illustration has been waiting for 495 days to be officially posted at I guess good things come to those who wait. Sorry for the delay, Sam, but now the day has finally come for your parachuting wolf to take center stage.

Aug 17 2012

#400 “Take on Me”

From Kimberly in New York

When I noticed the caption on the back of this gnarly piece of artwork that reads, “This wolf is stuck in the 80s,” I couldn’t help but to be reminded of one of the greatest songs of the decade of decadence. And the video? Well, it’s a spot-on representation of this lupine period piece in all its 80s-inspired glory. The scribble motif. The inherent action of the lines. The sense of drama. The contrast of black-and-white to vibrant color. It’s all there! Thanks for the totally radical illustration, Kimblerly. I’ll take this picture on any day.

Aug 13 2012

#399 “The Pulse”

From Cole in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Yesterday I happened to be checking the “Media” page for WBS (which you can find at the top of the site) to make sure that all of the links were still intact, and I noticed something interesting. Several months ago when Cole Rose of the Chattanooga Pulse wrote his first of two articles about WBS, he included his own submission to the project within the article itself. While it’s true that I did take notice of this at the time, I was so enamored with the idea of the press coverage, that I neglected to view his work as an formal submission.

So, without further ado, I present to you the work of a local reporter who not only helped to spread the word about WBS to the Chattanooga community, but who was also gracious enough to personally contribute a piece of his own. Thanks again, Cole, and if you ever feel the need to bring WBS back into the spotlight, you know how to reach me!

Aug 11 2012

#398 “Big News!”

From Victoria Witt in Chattanooga, Tennessee

This is a proud day for the WBS project! A series of fortunate events have brought local artist Victoria Witt and I together on more palpable terms and the result is truly astounding. WBS now has an certified “face” in the form of this official logo designed and created by Victoria, and she has become the collection’s Artist in Residence. To find out more about how this serendipitous arrangement came to be and what it means for the project, please check out the appropriate page at the top of the site. Also, to view more of Victoria’s amazing artwork, visit here deviant art page here.

Aug 6 2012

#397 “An Open Call”

From Paige

From its vivid colors to the striking emotional expression, this piece offers a wide array of appeal to wolf lovers of all persuasions. But when I read Paige’s email and discovered that she had been prompted to submit her artwork from a close friend, there was one specific quote (which is presented below) that just kept creeping into my mind. Thanks for the fantastic contribution, Paige. And thanks to your friend who encouraged you to participate. It’s good to have both of you on board. Welcome to the pack!

“If you call one wolf, you invite the pack”

~ Bulgarian proverb.


Aug 5 2012

#396 “Pacific Pen Pal”

Dear Kinan in Indonesia,

Thanks very much for yet another fantastic piece of wolf artwork. I hope that the next installment will continue the tale of Captain Wolf, the aspiring pilot of Wolfie Airlines. Who knows what adventures lie before this bestial airman? Who can say where his lupine travels will lead? I’m sure that I don’t know, but I can say that it looks like we’ve got the beginnings of a fine story on our hands.

In reference to your self-appointed title of WBS’s #1 fan from Indonesia, I must say that I agree wholeheartedly and that I’m happy to have you on board. In order to show my appreciation, I will certainly be sending my own original piece of wolf art to you so that you can begin your own collection of wolfly sketches. I do have to warn you, though: I am no artist. In fact, my lack of artistic ability was one of the catalysts for this project. I just figured that since I did not possess the skills myself, I might as well try to collect and enjoy the work of others. And look how far we’ve all come! We certainly have a real collection on our hands now. Post #400 is just a few days away.

Anyway, if you want to take a glance at the kind of monstrosity that will be coming your way, go back and check out post #366. This work is a work that I drew and posted in order to show my appreciation for everyone who contributed to the project during its first year.

Thanks again for the awesome artwork, Kinan. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next time!

Howls and Scratches,


Aug 4 2012

#395 “Serifs”

From Julianne in Katonah, New York

On display today is a classic wolf portrait drawn on the back of a piece of paper that contains two lists of fonts. The first list is titled “Serf” while the second list is titled “Sans.” For those of you who have not studied the art of the font in depth, a serif is a mark of embellishment typically added to the lines that make up a letter. Serifs can add flair or formality to different characters, while sans serif fonts can sometimes be more direct or easier to read.

But why even mention this? Who cares? Well, it might sound a bit trite, but each day that we live, we metaphorically have a choice between living our lives with serifs and living sans serif. And I always say to go with the serif. Why not add a dash of panache to your daily life? Why not live with a bit of pizzaz and spice? How to do this is up to you, but take a chance today and go with your gut. Don’t hold back, today is the day to really live…

Aug 1 2012

#394 “Sun Wolf”

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

“The wolf changes his coat but not his disposition.”

~ traditional proverb