Jun 30 2012

#380 “Wolf Choir”

From Stefan in Canada

If you’re planning on being in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada during the month of July, be sure to treat yourself to a meal at the Shanghai Restaurant. And while you’re there, check out some of the incredible artwork on display by Stefan Thompson. Stefan is a phenomenal artist and a WBS contributor from quite a while back. To view more of his incredibly twisted yet wonderfully whimsical artwork, visit Stefan’s website here.

Jun 27 2012

#379 “Simple Truth”

From Isaac in Chattanooga, Tennessee (age 8 )

“Little girls, this seems to say, never stop upon your way; never trust a stranger, friend. No-one knows how it will end! As you’re pretty, so be wise! Wolves may lurk in every guise! Now, as then, it’s simple truth, sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth!”

Rosaleen, The Company of Wolves

Jun 24 2012

#378 “The Beauty of a Work in Progress”

From Raeh in Anchorage, Alaska

Sometimes it seems that “unfinished” works are able to take your breath away even more easily than those that have been framed and frozen in a state of absolute completion. There’s something appealing in the mystery, something intriguing about the amorphous shapes bleeding off into the wilds of the imagination, something beautiful about the journey of creation itself. There lies a certain appeal in being able to watch the intricate stages of progression. It’s as if you are witness to the inception of the brainchild, and you are more accurately able to weigh the importance of each stroke and each line. A special thanks is due to Raeh for allowing us to step into the world she is building. As spectator to her process of creation, I can do nothing but stare in awe and wonder.

“Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey.” – Harold V. Melchert

Jun 23 2012

#377 “Sunshine State”

From Justine in Florida

It’s not surprising that may of us have Florida on our minds this time of year. For me, personally, it’s been especially easy to place the Sunshine State at the forefront of my thoughts: first of all, my wife as been in Ft. Lauderdale for a business conference for several days, and secondly, on Thursday I received this magnificent wolf portrait from Justine in Florida. Coincidence?  I”m not sure, but thanks to you, Justine, Florida has become just a little bit brighter.

Jun 22 2012

#376 “Weekend Wolf!”

From Elias in Chattanooga, Tennessee

I received this rowdy wolf from Elias just earlier today, and I simply couldn’t resist sharing him immediately. With his boom box blasting (bottom left corner) and his dancing shoes on (metaphorically), this wolf is primed and ready for the freakin’ weekend. It seems that his blaring jams have worked him into a lupine frenzy and he’s caught in the grips of some deep and primal tunes straight from the bowels of Mother Earth herself. There’s no telling what particular tune is being belched from his mighty music player, but one thing is for certain, it’s Friday night and the mood is right.

On a related note, I hope this weekend treats you with plenty of summer fun and good tunes as well. Here’s one I just discovered today. It’s called “Wolves” by an artist named Dosh. Enjoy!

Dosh – Wolves – Live from Mancinetti Pictures on Vimeo.

Jun 17 2012

#375 “A Sinister Set”

From David in Siauliai, Lithuania

Without a doubt, today’s post is remarkably special. You see, I’ve received many extraordinary works from David before, but this post marks the first “originals” that I have received from the talent artist. And not just one picture, but three esteemed masterpieces by this Lithuanian artisan greet out eyes today.

Although these pieces make my heart leap with joy, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that there seems to be an ominous vein of wickedness running through these lupine portraits. There’s some unmistakable villainy in the cold stare, some ruthless and base desire boiling beneath the fur, some menacing determination in the plodding steps of these beasts. Nonetheless, while these illustrations do inspire a fair amount of fear, there’s also an undeniable beauty in their mastery of the beastly form of this remarkable creature. Few works could set my heart to racing with fright while simultaneously bringing tears of joy to my eyes…

Jun 16 2012

#374 “Rapt in Awe”

From Luke in the UK.

When I peer into the searching gaze of this regal lupine subject, I cannot help but to be reminded of a quote from the renowned Albert Einstein: “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

The quote is fitting both in the statement that it makes in regards to our appreciation of the beauty of the world around us (which includes this masterpiece) as well as in its application to the piercing stare of this moving lupine portrayal. If you’re interested in searching deeper into the wonder that Luke’s artwork has to offer, check out his site here. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Jun 10 2012

#373 “An Octopus Request from Rudi”

From Rudi in Missouri

Well, it’s a wet and rainy day here in Chattanooga, Tennessee: a perfect afternoon for lounging and lazing around, a restless and lethargic time that serves to invite both complacency as well as creativity. As for me, the lackadaisical morning hours passed with the pleasant easiness of a contented sigh, and now the muse has struck. It is now that I begin work on my compositions for today’s contributor, Rudi, as well as yesterday’s contributor, Linda. Wish me luck!

Jun 9 2012

#372 “Worlds Collide”

From Linda in Sweden

I had a suspicion that I wasn’t the only one out there, a creeping feeling that there were more like myself in the far reaches of the world. It took quite a while for our paths to cross, but then- lo and behold- I open the p.o. box to find this incredible piece of artwork and accompanying letter from Linda. First check out the picture and then read the message and you’ll see what I mean. Also, if you have supported the WBS project at one time or another by sending in a piece of original artwork, why not support Linda’s project as well? I’m sure she would appreciate it!

(Also, I know that I said recently that I would primarily be posting new pictures only on Sundays from now on, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this piece a day early. Check back tomorrow for another unique piece of artwork by a global stranger.)

Jun 3 2012

#371 “Geo-Wolves!”

From Crystal in East Ridge, Tennessee

While I do love these wildly creative cartoon wolves from Crystal, the story of how they actually came to be in my possession is almost as intriguing as the artwork itself. As some of you may know, the entire idea behind this project sprang from a long and arduous inner search for fulfillment. I was bored and restless and was desperately searching for a way to make my everyday existence more stimulating and exciting. I had flitted half-heartedly from one hobby to the next in a tireless journey to find my own personal passion. From kayaking to writing poetry… I felt like I had tried it all. And then one day, I discovered something called geocaching.

What is geocaching exactly? Well, simply put, it’s a worldwide game of wide and seek in which players hide small containers that might house anything from a simple log for seekers to sign to all sorts of various trade items. Usually located by searchers through GPS coordinates, there are literally millions of geocaches worldwide. In fact, you may be within a few feet of one right now and my not even be aware of it. From the very first moment that I first discovered this global scavenger hunt I was hooked. I became obsessed with finding all the geocaches I could and kept fairly meticulous notes about my geocaching adventures. In some ways I suppose that my initial level of interest was too intense to be maintained for too long. Eventually, my geoaching activity waned and my hiding and seeking slacked off quite a bit. Every once in a while, though, the geo-bug bites again and I’ll go on a short stint of compulsive geocaching that seems to overtake everything else in my life. I suppose that I never did lose that initial interest the hobby. There’s something secret and covert about the entire operation, something mysterious and exclusive, something primitive and yet also childish and whimsical.

But anyway… not long ago while I was seeking out a few caches I happened to have some WBS stickers with me and the thought struck me that the same type of person who enjoys geocaching might also be interested in the Wolves by Strangers project. For some reason I believed that if I was ever going to define my WBS demographic that the typical geocacher is probably who I would describe. Geocachers are fun, energetic, adventurous and enjoy unique experiences that lie outside of the realm of “ordinary” life. I placed a few stickers in some larger caches and voila! Within a few weeks I received emails from a couple of people would had found them. As a result, the fruits my labor and the artwork of the talented Crystal is here for everyone to enjoy!

And hey… as a final thought… since today is Sunday and most of you (hopefully) have the day off work, why not borrow a GPS from a friend and seek out some geocaches of your own. There’s no better time to start than today! For more info, visit geocaching.com.

Jun 1 2012


That’s right, everybody- WBS is back and better than ever! The wolf pictures by strangers keep rolling in, and this is the one and only place to find them! However, there’s a small catch. Unfortunately, because of other commitments, the WBS website will only be updated once a week. It might be one picture… it might be ten.. but from now on, Sunday is the day to get your week dose of lupine art. I don’t want to leave you hanging any longer, though… so here is a fantastic piece from Izabela. Apparently, Izabela is from Poland but is studying in Estonia, and yet she discovered WBS while in Lithuania. Go figure! For more of Izabela’s awesome artwork, click here.

“From The Cycle Incarnations: Caridwen”

Seeing as how we had two contest winners in April, we’ll officially call this WBS artwork #370