Jun 1 2012


That’s right, everybody- WBS is back and better than ever! The wolf pictures by strangers keep rolling in, and this is the one and only place to find them! However, there’s a small catch. Unfortunately, because of other commitments, the WBS website will only be updated once a week. It might be one picture… it might be ten.. but from now on, Sunday is the day to get your week dose of lupine art. I don’t want to leave you hanging any longer, though… so here is a fantastic piece from Izabela. Apparently, Izabela is from Poland but is studying in Estonia, and yet she discovered WBS while in Lithuania. Go figure! For more of Izabela’s awesome artwork, click here.

“From The Cycle Incarnations: Caridwen”

Seeing as how we had two contest winners in April, we’ll officially call this WBS artwork #370

May 6 2012

Contest Winners!

Sometimes the generosity (and talent) of strangers can take your breath away… and this is exactly what happened with me when I began sorting through a few of the entries that I received for the Wolves by Strangers Birthday Contest. Ultimately, I followed my heart, and the winners of the contest are the pieces/artists you see below. I will keep my words here brief and allow the artwork to speak for itself, but I did feel it was necessary to include the letter that Paige sent in accompaniment with her artwork. Paige, Jeremy and Emily- don’t forget to email me at wolvesbystrangers@gmail.com so that we can work out arrangements for your prizes!

First Place Winner: Paige Sullivan of Phoenix, Arizona

“Priestess With Young Wolves”

“Wolf of the Woods”

Dear Wolves,

These are my entries for your contest.

The pastel pieces is called “Wolf of the Woods.” Many centuries ago, wolves used to build dens in cornfields in Northern Europe (before they became extinct there) and when they would emerge from the cornfields to go hunting, they would be covered in leaves so people who saw them thought they were foliate wolves- like the Green Man- and so they called them the wolves of the woods. They believed they followed the Green Man in the Wild Hunt and were very superstitious of them.

The second pieces is called “Priestess With Young Wolves.” I originally painted this in 1990 and recently added some touchups. Some of the color is magic marker, so it will fade from time and continued exposure to sunlight.

I used to sell my art for a living, and this piece never sold- not even prints- so I thought you might like it!


Paige Sullivan


Runners Up: Jeremy Michael and Emily Rose of Tuart Hill,
Western Australia

“Outrospective Wolf in Gloomy-Colour” (Jeremy Michael)

“Introspective Wolf in Technicolor” (Emily Rose)

May 1 2012


To all,

wolvesbystrangers.com is announcing a temporary hiatus in order to refresh and renew its focus and energy, launch new advertising campaigns and collect more lupine art strangers. Fear not, friends. This is not the end…

The winner of the WBS birthday contest will be revealed on May 6th.

New WBS posts will resume on June 1st. Keep that artwork coming in!

Apr 11 2012

WBS Birthday Contest!

On May 1st of 2012, the Wolves by Strangers project will celebrate 1 year of continuous posting! That’s one new and unique illustration by a stranger everyday with no repeats. To celebrate this momentous occasion, WBS is offering a very special contest during the month of April. Any and all letters/emails postdated on or after April 1st will be eligible, and the winner will be revealed on May 1st. I’m keeping the contest prize a secret, but trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on this chance to win a supercool, wolf-themed prize to call your own. Submissions will be based on general uniqueness and creativity. Go wild!

Email with questions: wolvesbystrangers@gmail.com

Mar 1 2012

March: Music Month!

One of the easiest ways to trace the ebb and flow of wolf obsession through popular culture is to examine the music that this noble creature has inspired. As such, WBS has proclaimed March 2012 to be “Music Month.”

Everyday throughout March, WBS will display a wolf-themed music video/song in addition to a unique and original wolf illustration by a talented stranger. Be prepared for everything from Iron and Wine to Metallica, and be sure to check the site daily to discover new music or to find out if your favorite wolf song is featured. Also… if you have any special requests, post them on the facebook page here.

Feb 25 2012

A Special Thanks!

‎”Wolves by Strangers” would like to offer a special thanks to Sgt. Spatula and The Baron of Barbecue Sauce for funding the “WBS” p.o. box rental for another six months. It’s acts of kindness and generosity like this that keeps WBS rolling. Thanks guys! The Triumvirate lives on!

Feb 23 2012

Kickstarter Campaign! WBS needs your help!

Wolves by Strangers needs YOUR help! While this project is a blessing in so many ways, the financial upkeep is not always easy for one person to accomplish. Please keep WBS alive and kicking for a long time to come! Check out the campaign to raise funds for WBS at Kickstarter.com.

Feb 10 2012

Thanks to WGOW!

I would be remiss if I did not offer a special thanks to Jeff Styles and the guys of The Morning Press (WGOW/102.3 FM Talk! Radio) for featuring wolvesbystrangers.com as their “Website Du Jour.” WBS is only alive today only because of the support and enthusiasm of creative thinkers and community activists like these guys. Thanks for the support! Check out the link here and be sure to hit the “Like” button!

Feb 2 2012

WBS Movie Review: “The Grey”

Just as the name suggests, The Grey is a film shrouded in mystery. Whether the movie’s focus is one of religious/moral commentary or more related to simply exploring man’s place in the world and what he becomes when he is taken out of the civilization he has created is debatable. It’s a snowy “Heart of Darkness” meets “Deliverance” in an inconclusive but classic fight between man and nature. In short, if you’re looking for a message that is black and white, you’d best look elsewhere.

Certainly, though, one of the film’s strengths is that it may become all things to all people; viewers are free to take from the film almost any message they wish: from the starkness of an existential reality to the overwhelming power of faith… But one thing that the movie is certainly not is tame. Much like the wolves, themselves, who serve as the film’s antagonists, the feature pulls no punches in painting survival as a game that is not for the feint of heart. Blood and gore are in no short supply, but the ambiguous nature of the movie’s message deters the viewer from classifying the violence as gratuitous. Perhaps the meaning of the movie lies somewhere in its brutality.

As the film’s honorable everyman/protagonist states, “Once more into the fray…. We live and die on this day.” The very nature of this quote encourages viewers to question what life and death really mean. Is living defined by mere subsistence, or is there inherently something more important than the recycling of oxygen? Is an honorable death enough to justify a wasted life? Is there honor in willfully persevering through hopeless odds? How vast is the gulf between life and whatever lies beyond it? As the credits roll on the screen, these questions may take center stage in our minds… or we may simply be cursing the writer and director for leading us on for an hour and a half only to end the film with the biggest mystery of all… I’m not going to give away the ending, but you’ll see what I mean when you watch it for yourself.

In the end, whether you are intrigued or insulted by the nature of the storytelling, there’s no denying the powerful visual aspects of the film. Maybe it was the fact that “The Grey” was the first movie that I have seen in a “Big DDD” theatre, but I couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the landscape that was presented there on the screen. It reminded me of something Stephen King said in the introduction to one of his books in the gunslinger series (Wizard and Glass, I think). King was discussing his various inspirations for creating a mythical fantasy to call his own and cited several of Clint Eastwood’s Westerns as a prominent muse. In discussing these films, King noted that today’s generation simply could not experience the same wonder of seeing the huge desert landscapes depicted on the silver screen. The vastness of the was simply too great. The expansiveness of the sterile environment was so overwhelming that it didn’t just cause King to look at the world differently; it caused him to dream up another world altogether. All in all, this was the most powerful aspect of The Grey in my eyes. In a time when the most “outdoor time” that some of us get is walking through the parking lot after work, The Grey visually hurls us back into the arms of a cruel Mother Nature and makes no bones about who’s boss. But there’s also a beauty in this harshness that can’t be denied, and I can guarantee that regardless of your analysis of the film’s plot, glimpses of the snowy mountain landscapes will not be far from your mind for quite some time afterwards…

Feb 1 2012

February: Wolf Awareness Month!

For the past nine months, this website and its wonderful contributors have heightened lupine awareness in a variety of ways, the most prominent method being through the daily exhibition of wolf-related artwork. But to be honest, I think it’s about time that we take things a step further and make some real strides in bringing as much attention to this amazing animal as we possibly can. This is why February is officially being named “Wolf Awareness Month.” With every picture that is displayed during the month of February, visitors will also notice a link to a website that promotes the cause of the wolf. Hopefully these links will encourage all of us to learn as much as possible about the animal that we love so dearly and to become involved in efforts to ensure that the wolf remains wild, free, and uninhibited for lifetimes to come.

Jan 1 2012

January: “Less is More”

In an effort to start this year in a fresh new way, January will officially be known as “Less is More Month.” The artwork that is displayed on wolvesbystrangers.com during January will be accompanied by only a short fact, quote, static, poem, aphorism, etc. I’m giving this a try just as a way to experiment with a new style of posting, and who knows? It may lead to other interesting experiments down the road. Also, in the name of trying to find just the right quote or saying to match up with each picture, be prepared for a “Caption Contest” or two along the way that will call upon you for participation.

Wishing you the best this year,


Dec 17 2011

“Fan Page Contest!”

Dear wolf-loving friends,

In an effort to try to increase the fanbase of the “Wolves by Strangers,” I have designed a small contest for the month of December.

Here’s the deal: The facebook fan of the project who supplies the most new fans to the “Wolves by Strangers” facebook page during this month will receive the t-shirt of his/her choice from everythingwolf.com (purchased by me, of course) and will receive one sticker for each new fan that they supply. So, start spreading the word about WBS to your friends, and get them to like the page.

How will I know that you are responsible for bringing a new fan? Just have your referee(s) email me to let me know that they were referred by you, or email me yourself when a friend that you referred likes the page.

Get your friends, family-members, and coworkers on board. Let the contest begin!

If you haven’t become a fan of “Wolves by Strangers” on facebook, I would love it if you did so!


Contact info:




Nov 17 2011

Oct./Nov. Contest: Free Wolf T-Shirt!

That’s right, friends. It’s time for another WBS contest, and this time the stakes are higher than ever.

The winner of this contest will receive the t-shirt of his/her choice from the fantastic selection at everythingwolf.com. You can see all of their unbelievable t-shirts here.

The contest will run for all snail mail and email submissions between Oct. 24 and Nov. 24, 2011. All you have to do is send in your illustration with a valid return address. Works will be judged based upon creativity, originality and general awesomeness, and the winner will be revealed on Thanksgiving Day. This contest is available to domestic as well as international contributors.

Good Luck to All!

See the Contact/Submit! page for snail mail and email addresses.

(Check below to see just  a few of the awesome t-shirt designs available at everythingwolf.com)

Oct 31 2011

Nov. Contest Video!

Aug 22 2011

Special “Contest” for Facebook Fans Only!

Wolves by Strangers is offering another “contest” of sorts. I have recently acquired 20 temporary wolf tattoos that I am giving away to the first 20 contributors who submit a picture and supply a valid return address. The only stipulation is that you must be a fan of the Wolves by Strangers facebook page. If you’re not a fan of the page, there’s no better time than now!

An image of the tattoo is pictured above. Each tattoo measures approximately 3″ x 3″.


Q: What if I just sent a picture in yesterday? Can I get a tattoo?
A: The contest is for pictures postmarked August 22 or later, but if you just submitted a picture, there’s no rule against submitting another one. Get that baby in the mail tomorrow!

Q: What if I live far away and am afraid that other pictures will beat mine to the punch?
A: If you’re afraid that snail mail might be too slow, just email the pic.

Q: What if I’m not a current facebook fan?
A: Just become a fan today and then submit your picture.

Aug 5 2011

WUTC Interview, Chattanooga Pulse & Website Changes

Dear faithful readership,

I am pleased to make the following announcements:

1. Today I conducted my first radio interview with Garret Crow of WUTC’s prestigious radio program Around and About. The interview will air at both 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11 on 88.1 fm. I hope that you will join in my excitement at this opportunity and that you will, of course, continue to support the noble cause that is public radio.

You can access information about the Around and About program and podcasts here and here.

2. I neglected to inform the WBS community that a short while ago a local graduate school student and talented writer by the name of Cole Rose produced an intensely fascinating article about WBS for the Chattanooga Pulse. An online version of the article may be viewed here. Also, Cole’s capable writing skills have resulted in enough local interest to spur an additional interview which is schedule to appear in the annual Chattanooga Pulse State of the Arts issue which will be distributed in late August. Keep your eyes open to get your copy!

3. As some of you may have noticed, a few changes have been made to the WBS website. As a result, any comments that have been previously made by viewers have unfortunately been lost, along with email subscriptions. I admit that I did shed tears of this tragic loss of input from lupine enthusiasts; however, WBS is now equipped with more “sharing” capabilities through the buttons that you see above and below the posts, and of course email subscriptions and commenting options are still available. I apology sincerely for the inconvenience, but as we know, The Great Wolf giveth and The Great Wolf taketh away. We may not always understand the ways of The Great Wolf, but we must trust its nature; for its divine bride Mother Earth will never steer it amiss.

Along these same lines, be prepared for additional email addresses for WBS in order to help streamline communication.

Stay frisky my friends!

Jul 4 2011


WBS is offering a contest for the month of July!

Participation is simple: all you have to do is submit your original wolf picture with a valid U.S. return address (via email or snail mail), and you are instantly entered to win this genuine howling wolf cookie jar that I recently bought at a local yardsale.

That’s right. Believe it!

Submissions will be judged based on originality and creativity, and the winning illustration will be featured on August 1st.

(Note: If you have already submitted a picture during these first few days of July and would like to be eligible, simply email me with a return address. Additionally, I offer my apologies to international submissions; I will try my best to offer an international contest soon.)